Barcelona Private Guide

I guess that if you are reading these lines is because you are planning a trip to Barcelona.

You want to know the essentials to see, what not to miss, how to plan the perfect day in Barcelona…and so on. I have bad news, there is plenty to do in this vibrant city. And I have very good news too: we can help you. This is my mission.

Experience, passion, knowledge, fun: the ingredients of your guide in Barcelona

With us, you’ll feel like having a friend in Barcelona. A friend who knows a lot about the city. Thanks to that, you won’t have to worry about the lines in the monuments and museums, we can skip them! Forget about spending time in front of your computer to buy tickets, we’ll take care of it.

Comfortable shoes. That will be your sole concern.

Either it this is the first time you visit Barcelona, or you’ve been already been here, we have plenty to propose. Even if you have been in the city ten times! Actually, all along the low season, we create new tours for travelers like you.
Here you have a sample of our most popular tours.

Why us?

You will skip the lines thanks to our license

You will enjoy (and remember) our explanations

You will be carried away by the city. Just follow the guide


You'll be a responsable traveller helping and respecting the local economy

Would you like to visit Barcelona in a tailor-made tour?

If the answer is yes, we are your partners in Barcelona. Your ideas and desires plus our expertise will create your perfect stay.

Given that we are on the ground, our ideas and contacts will create unforgettable visits. For example, we will open doors for artisan workshops, teach you how to cook a paella or participate in one of the most universal Catalan traditions: Els Castellers. (If you have not the slightest idea about what I am talking about, click here to read about Castellers in our blog)

Actually, our Barcelona tailor-made tours are ones of our best sellers. Moreover, we have been awarded for them!

We just need to know about your interest and our grey cells will start to plan your dream tour!

Something authentic? Something unusual? Here you have our Signature Tours

Corporate activities in Barcelona

Are you planning an incentives trip to Barcelona? The city has a lot to to offer like charming hotels, tasty restaurants, fun activities, cultural tours and just making a choice can be overwhelming. We propose to leave that in our hands. Since 2016 we’ve been creating corporate activities in Barcelona and thanks to all the customers who trusted us, today we have a new branch: Slowit.

Once you contact us, we’ll provide some ideas and suggestion, you’ll have one interlocutor to talk to and a lot of peace of mind as a result. 

Just drop us a line a leave the design of your trip in our hands.

Yes! I'l like to work with you

Expert insight and advice from our blog

Christmas traditions in Barcelona

Christmas traditions in Barcelona

Three…two…one and the lights are on! This is what happened the in November the 24th, every single lightbulb in the streets of Barcelona was lit on. There are several km of lights creating a starred sky under which we’ll stroll while enjoying some quality time with...

Barcelona Private guide

Guide in Barcelona

My name’s is Anna, a Barcelona Private Tour guide and in 2012 I created Barcelonina.

Thanks to many travelers like you, nowadays I am leading a small agency specialized in private tours.
With us you will discover the main Gaudí’s buildings (like the Sagrada Familia), the Gothic Area or the more-than-famous Ramblas.

Are you a Gourmet person? if yes,  we can arrange for you a Tapas tour to explore the Raval area or a cooking class where you will learn how to cook local specialties (and amaze your friends back home!).

Gradually I selected a team of five-star guides

Clara has been with us since the beginning and over the years other guides like Silvia, Agnès, Eli, Minerva and Maica have joined the club.

Under what criterion? To have empathy, to be friendly, to have vast knowledge and to know how to transmit it are some of the conditions required to become a Barcelonina guide.

Your Barcelona private guide

All our tours and activities are private and exclusive. They are planned to be done without rushing, allowing you to take your time to breath, to take pictures and to experience.

Forget about carrying a heavy guidebook or reading a map to navigate around the city. Just relax and follow your Barcelona private guide. This is your moment.

A tailor-made tour?

Are you a Travel Agent?


Would have missed many sights without Anna. Short cuts we never would have found on our own. Also loved her choices for small off the beaten track restaurants. Highly recommend.


Raymond P. (New Jersey)


Anna is an excellent tour guide! She clearly loves Barcelona, and shares her enthusiasm and knowledge with her clients.


Jane M. (Washington)


My customers from South Africa told me that the next time they come, they want to hire Anna services again. They got delighted with her knowledge, how she puts accross the information and the flexibility to adapt to their own rythm. We will hire Barcelonina services again for sure!


Maria (Barcelona)