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Keep up with Barcelona's end of lockdown

Bars, restaurants, shops, museums and attractions are open but with some restrictions.

This is the first week (May 10th 2021) when life will look a lot like it used to be before Covid-19. Bars and restaurants can open from 7.30 am to 11 pm with some capacity restrictions: a 100% outdoors and a 30% indoors. They cannot serve at the bar, only in tables.

Most of the shops are open with a restricted number of people inside. Seeing lines outside Zara, Mango or HM is becoming part fo this “new normality”

The Museums and tourist attractions are open as well but with capacity restrictions. Besides, they have to clean during the day. This is why we strongly recommend to check the schedules before going. If you plan to visit Barcelona, buying the tickets on-line would be a good decision.

MACBA Raval Barcelona

Barcelona opens its doors

Some of the main museums in the city have already opened their doors. The Picasso Museum and MACBA are some examples and some attractions, such as Casa Milà (La Pedrera) will do so in the coming weeks.

Also, we have Phase 3 of the unconfinement around the corner. Mobility and increased capacity will soon be a reality.
In addition, we know that festivals such as Cruïlla, Primavera Sound or Grec will be held, although it will be in a different format than what we are used to. Culture is always good news.

If you are planning a visit to Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us as the information is updated almost to the minute. Literally.

Barcelona post covid-19

Mobility in Barcelona post Covid-19


The Barcelona City Council prepares the city so that Barcelona residents and visitors can get around it as safely as possible.

For this, more than 30,000 m2 will be gained for pedestrians by increasing the width of the sidewalk in streets such as Consell de Cent or in Via Laietana; new bicycle lanes will be enabled on Valencia and Pau Claris streets; They will be closed lateral to the traffic of cars in the Diagonal Avenue and in the Gran Vía.

In the picture you can see how the new big sidewalks are going to look. In order to do the transformation quickly, the city council has chosen easy elements to implement.

The end of confinement in Barcelona: How and when?


Today (May 15) we are immersed in phase 0 of the end of the confinement and starting next week, we enter a kind of transition to phase 1. It will be a phase 0.5. During this intermediate phase, shops can open. The terraces of the bars and the gyms are not yet. When will each phase be implemented?

The answer will be given by the office created by the city council together with the Generalitat. A mixed team will monitor the evolution of the pandemic in Barcelona and decide on the next steps.

At the moment we can go for a walk and exercise, shop and since last week, the beaches are open for individual activities. The time slots are still in force:


Adults: from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. You can go for a walk or run. For the walk we can go up to 1km from our house and stay 1 hour. You can go out with some other member of the same family unit. If we go out to run it will be individually and there is no distance limit.


Over 70 years: from 10am to 12pm.


Children up to 14 years old: from 12pm to 7pm.

The Phases to end the Confinement


The return to normal life, to our day to day, will be carried out in 4 phases, beginning with Phase 0 followed by 1, 2 and 3. It has been estimated that the duration of each of the phases is two weeks, except phase 0, which lasts only one.


Phase 0: sports or walks are allowed but divided by time slots, hairdressers can always open by appointment, as well as shops of less than 400 m2. Restaurants can sell takeout food.


Phase 1: family gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed, the terraces can open with a capacity of 30%, shops of up to 400 m2 also without appointment. Mobility within the same province is allowed.


Phase 2: bars and restaurants will be able to serve inside using 30% of their capacity as well as cinemas and theaters, where we will access with preassigned seats. The conference and exhibition rooms may also open to 30% of their capacity, as can the shows in closed places (the latter with a maximum of 50 pax). In places of worship 50% of the capacity will be allowed.


Phase 3: mobility is made more flexible, recommending the use of a mask. In commerce, 50% of the capacity will be allowed keeping the distance of 2 meters and the capacity in restaurants will also be made more flexible.


Regarding the dates, it will not be the same throughout the territory. We will inform you of news in Barcelona.