Anna Carrasco: Founder of Barcelonina



We all have a traveller inside us and this traveler is someone curious.

I’m sure good humour is a part of the good memories.

I think empathy makes us more human.

With a good sense of humour and sympathy all the memories are better. This is the idea I convey in my explanations as a Private guide in Barcelona and this is the idea I communicate to my team.

We show you our Barcelona to make you feel like a local. Welcome to a singular and authentic city.
To be chosen by a customer, has an enormous value for my team and for me. This is the reason why we will create an unforgettable experience for you.

I search your satisfaction with an approchable attitude, empathy and accurate information. This is the reason why I have selected the best Private guide in Barcelona.

Forget about walking around with a book as heavy as a brick. Leave it in our hands.
I propose you some itineraries created for you, for the curious traveller, the one walking around with no rush, the one who wishes to understand the city.

Private guide in Barcelona

Since I started Barcelonina in 2012 as a Tourist guide in Barcelona, have witnessed countless «first times of…» (add Sagrada Familia, add Gothic Area, add Picassso Museum), and the moment I prefer is when the guest becomes a part of the place, embraces it.

My favourite topics are the history of Barcelona, the human side of the Modernism and its urbanistic evolution. I choose always the point of view of common people, the day by day. As matter of fact, an every day event can be the exemple of a big era.

Private Guide in Barcelona

Here is where we explain who we are and why we are the best option in Barcelona. But if you are in a kind of a rush or you are more into watching videos, here you have a nice one. This way you can see how we talk, our knowledge and how wonderful the city is.