Anna Carrasco: Founder of Barcelonina



I want to promote the Urban Slow Tourism.

Both time and good memories are priceless.

I am convinced that we all have a traveler inside and that this traveler is curious.

I would like you to take your time to satisfy this curiosity and to look, listen, smell, touch and taste during your travels.

With humor and closeness, better memories are created. This is the idea I want to convey in my explanations.

My favorite subjects are the history of Barcelona and its urban development, the human side of Modernism and the current evolution of the city. Always from the point of view of ordinary people.
An everyday event can be an example of an entire era.

I want you to fall in love with Barcelona, a true love, as I will show you an authentic city that goes beyond the rankings and lists you will find surfing the internet. However, well-visited places like La Sagrada Familia have a lot to reveal and can still surprise you.

I care both about the traveler and about the environment. Unique visits with a positive impact on the region. What’s more, I declare myself a fan of positive impact tourism and that’s why I propose tours for small groups and I fair fees to all may suppliers (talking about money is unsexy, but necessary).

Since I created Barcelonina in 2012, I have attended countless “first visits of…” (put Sagrada Família, put Barri Gòtic, put Picasso Museum), and the moment I love is when I see that the visitor becomes part of the place, internalizes it and creates a bond.

 I invite you to be part of Barcelona’s life. 

Private guide in Barcelona

Private Guide in Barcelona

Here is where we explain who we are and why we are the best option in Barcelona.  This way you can see how we talk, our knowledge and how wonderful the city is. Welcome to our Barcelona!