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the best bakeries in Barcelona

Bread, that food present in almost all cultures, although not necessarily using the blond wheat in its preparation. From the miracle of the loaves and fishes, good part of humanity will be looking for good places where the excellence of both foods is...

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The Gazpacho’s Recipe

It is the Month of August. Barcelona, a Mediterranean city. This means that it is hot and the humidity is hight. If you come to Barcelona, do not forget to carry water. In addition, when you stop for lunch on just to have some tapas, do not forget to order gazpacho....

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Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona goes green Urban gardens, green roofs that absorb pollution or lush hotel terraces dye the city to chlorophyll, healthy green. Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona are in luck because since March 2016, Barcelona has been declared a city veg friendly, to...

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A very cold beer, please

Today we would like to invite you to taste the particular relationship between Barcelona and the beer. Even if the city has not an original local tradition, Barcelona has several brands associated to its history, a lot of beer-shops and bars appreciated by experts...

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