Barcelona is a city with a huge variety of gastronomic offerings. So you can enjoy lovely little restaurants where you can go as a couple to have a good evening, for example, or you can enjoy a meal based on gourmet sandwiches.

In Barcelona you can also find places to make simple and traditional tapas, as well as a multitude of gastronomic restaurants where you can have a whole series of incredible tastings. Not to mention the starred restaurants you can find.

Sometimes, happiness is in the little things and going for a good ice cream can also be a tasting experience, at any time of year!

This winter we walked intensely around the city to discover some of the best ice creams in Barcelona. Each piece of advice we give has its own soul and particularity and although we have our preferences, it is worth trying each of the ice cream parlors we will mention on this list because they all do a very good job.

The order does not indicate our preference and we have grouped them starting from the Gothic to the outside.

Manna Gelats


If we follow the ancient Roman wall coming out of the Cathedral along Carrer de la Palla, we will immediately find the crossroads with Banys Nous and this is exactly where we will find this small ice cream parlor that makes artisanal ice creams that will not disappoint you. 

They have an unctuous texture and a fair point of sweetness without becoming cloying.

The choice of flavors is extensive and in addition to traditional flavors they make flavors with seasonal fruit.

They have a bit of a place to sit, but the best thing to do in good weather is to buy your ice cream and get lost in the streets of the Gothic Quarter and the Jewish Quarter while tasting it. Most likely, you will find some street musicians (especially near the Cathedral) and you will be able to savor your ice cream with live music!

Address: Carrer Banys Nous, 22.  More information:

Gelaaati di Marco


This busy ice cream parlor with a good location is also part of our selection. They don’t always have to be small or to be in hidden places.

In this cheerful and well-located place, they prepare high quality ice cream. They have organic, lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan options.

I recommend you try the ice cream in the Sicilian way, in a hot brioche! A delight!

You will find very varied flavors, both classic and some with bold flavors, all of which are highly recommended. You will definitely enjoy them!

Near this ice cream parlor, you will end up in Plaça de Sant Jaume, which is the space that more or less corresponds to the ancient Roman forum and where the center of power in Barcelona still stands today. Go down with your ice cream along the Decumanus Maximus (now Carrer Ciutat) and you will reach the ancient sea gate of the Roman wall. A journey through time!

Address: Carrer Llibreteria, 7. More information:

Oggi Gelato


Carrer Comtal is one of the most beautiful streets in the Gothic Quarter. It is a vibrant street full of traditional shops and with a history that is reflected in the ceramics that we find along the street full of anecdotes and verses.

In the middle of the street, you will find this Italian ice cream parlor based in Udine, which has recently opened here in Barcelona. Their ice creams are worth a stop, they have a soft texture and they will delight the best palates. They make a very careful selection of ingredients using only high quality products.

Address: Carrer Comtal, 15. More information:

Gocce di latte


Definitely a must to taste some good ice cream! Very close to Santa Maria del Mar and the Fossar de les Moreres, in the heart of the Ribera district or popularly known as the Born, you will find this delicious ice cream parlor where they make a high quality product, with a creamy and soft texture, especially nothing cloying.

Their vegan ice creams are a delight and they have amazing an amazing texture and flavors.

I recommend the dark chocolate with salt and oil!

Address: Pla de Palau, 4. More information:



This fantastic ice cream parlor has two addresses, its workshop on Passeig de Sant Joan and a shop on Carrer Enric Granados. In either address you will taste artisanal ice creams made with lots of love. The selection of ingredients is top notch and it’s well worth trying their seasonal flavors, although you can always grab the pistachio classic! Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the choice you made. They are a safe bet!


Passeig de Sant Joan, 59

Enric Granados, 15

More information:

Da Gallo


This is a real Sicilian ice cream parlor in the center of Barcelona, ​​very close to La Pedrera, so if you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to go there and if you are far away, go there anyway! You won’t regret it.

You will find ice creams prepared with delicacy, very soft and creamy with very varied flavors. You also have an offer suitable for vegans, lactose intolerant people and celiacs.

Address: Carrer Mallorca, 277. More information:

Sante Gelato


Do not miss nearby the Casa de les Punxes, this large building by Josep Puig i Cadafalch that was built for the Terrades family, with a tower for each of their daughters. Then you can cross the other side of the Diagonal to admire the Casa Baró de Quadras, by the same architect as the previous one, and end up going down the fantastic Passeig de Gràcia.

In Sante Gelato you will find excellent ice creams, with traditional flavors and bold ones, all of good texture and sweetness. You will enjoy them to the fullest. The same place also serves cakes, which we did not have the opportunity to try, but they will be worth a visit!

Address: Carrer Rosselló, 287. More information:

Parallelo Gelato


We are already in the neighborhood of Gràcia! In Parallelo Gelato you will find many different flavored ice-cream, some them very crazy but the same time delicious! Its ice creams and sorbets are magnificent, with an excellent texture and they have just the right sweetness. We tried the Valhrona dark chocolate one (hard to find a better chocolate ice cream in Barcelona) and the fig one, which was seasonal! It’s well worth a visit, and if you’re close to it, it’s a shame not to go.

Nearby you have the charm of Plaça Narcís Oller, Casa Fuster and the alleys of the Gràcia district where you can get lost while tasting your ice cream.

Address: Carrer Sèneca, 18. More information:

Amma Gelato


In the heart of Gràcia, in Plaça de la Virreina, you have this small ice cream parlor where you will find delicious ice creams.

Like the rest, they do artisanal ice creams so they also make seasonal flavors and the ingredients are of the highest quality. The texture is very achieved, being a creamy and very pleasant ice cream. Segovia strawberry, caramel with salted peanuts, avocado with coconut and lime, watermelon with mint and lime … you have a great variety to get excited eating their creations.

Take the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood. If you gon on Sunday you can visit the Civil War anti-aircraft shelter located in the same square.

Address: Plaça de la Virreina, 3. More information:

Selvàtica Barcelona


Still in Gracia, very close to Plaça de la Vila, we will find this artisanal ice cream parlor that will close this list of ice cream parlors in Barcelona.

Although it has reached the last position in this list, it is not  because their quality, which is amazing!  Pears in wine, avocado with lime, Sant Simon cheese and grape liquor, are some of the examples of ice cream you will find there, apart from many classics, like pistachio obviously! With your ice cream, you can take a leisurely stroll through the squares of the Gràcia district and enjoy the village atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Address: Carrer Martínez de la Rosa, 65. More information:


And we could still add more examples where you can go for excellents ice creams, maybe they will be occasion for a next post. Barcelona has many options to go around and discover it with different eyes. If you feel like getting to know Barcelona with us, at Barcelonina we offer you different options or we can create them especially for you.

If you are curious to learn about Barcelona, ​​take a walk or a bike tour, visit a museum or a monument in the city, we will be happy to accompany you! Contact us!