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Tips to visit Barcelona

Some ideas and advise for a perfect trip to Barcelona




Joan Miró (I). Miró in Barcelona

Currently the word Barcelona is associated with design and also with architecture. Every year, many people come to Barcelona to admire the Modernism and the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí, but the artistic facet of Barcelona goes beyond Gaudí and Modernism.There are...

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the best bakeries in Barcelona

Bread, that food present in almost all cultures, although not necessarily using the blond wheat in its preparation. From the miracle of the loaves and fishes, good part of humanity will be looking for good places where the excellence of both foods is...

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How to get around Barcelona

Today we will treat a fundamental aspect to visit a city: how to going from place to place in the way you like. Each tourist has his own preferences to find his ideal transport to move around Barcelona at leisure. If you wonder how to get around Barcelona, this post...

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How to plan a trip to Barcelona?

Preparing your wonderful trip to Barcelona. Today: transportation to get there and hotels to rest. Luggage, tickets and looking forward to get to your destination: Barcelona! But how to organize a trip to Barcelona? Once you are here, the Barcelonina guide team will...

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