If you have little time and you prefer to remain close to the ship, do not worry, there is plenty to see and plenty to do at a short distance from the Port. 

Here you have a list of the highlights located in Barcelona’s waterfront. Besides all this attractions, you can enjoy the beaches as well. So if you feel a little bit lazy, just take your comfy shoes and your swimsuit and enjoy the sun, the tapas and all the beach atmosphere.
All the spots mentioned are suitable for people of all ages. As a matter of fact, they are very popular among the children.

What to see at the Port area in Barcelona. 6 Spots not to miss

1.Columbus Monument

When you take either a taxi or the Blue Shuttle to the city, this is the spot were they’ll leave you. This is the beginning of la Rambla which connects the sea side with Catalonia Square.

The sculpture was done for the World Exhibition of 1888 and inside the column there is an elevator to go up to admire the city. Only for the bravest!

Rambla del Mar in Barcelona. Close to the Port

2.Rambla del Mar

Afterwards, just take the Rambla on the other direction, the Rambla del Mar. This is a wooden bridge which allows a privileged overview of the port and leads towards de MareMagnum.

The Rambla del Mar was finished in 1994 and this bridge moves every twenty minutes to allow the ships to enter or exit the Royal Marina.

This bridge leads to the Aquarium and the Maremagnum.

3.The Aquarium

Some numbers: 11.000 “inhabitants” divided in 450 species.

The Explora area for children and the Oceanarium make this attraction one of the most popular among families coming to the city.

If you are thinking about visiting the Aquarium in Barcelona, here you have a link to buy tickets saving money and skipping the lines!

The Aquarium in Barcelona. 6 spots not to miss close to the port

4. Maremagnum

This is the only mall in Barcelona which opens 7/7.
Once in there you can find all the popular brands in Spain as well as some interesting restaurants. Desigual, Mango, Natura or Havaianas are some of the brands you will find in there.
Maremagnun opened its doors in 1995, after the renovation of the waterfront for the 1992 Olympics. At the beginning it was a night clubs’ area but in 2002 a series of renovations were plan in order to create a family area.
After a shopping moment, why not a little bit of good food in a charming area?

5. Barceloneta

Leaving the Maremagnum you can walk towards the Barceloneta. This is the Old Fishermen area and today it still is one of the most authentic areas in the city. Its narrow streets, some old pink buildings and its little restaurants will make you realize you are in a Mediterranean town.

In this area you can visit the food market, walk along its streets towards the beaches and you can enjoy a fantastic meal in restaurants like Ca la Nuri, Somorrostro or La Mar Salada

Here you have a link towards our post about this unique area.

The Barceloneta area in Barcelona
The Santa Eulalia in Barcelona. Attractions close to the port

6. Moll de la Fusta

If you still have a little time, just take a walk along the Moll de la Fusta towards Columbus Monument. Moll de la Fusta means the Dock of the Wood. This name comes from the commercial activity of this spot before becoming a nice area to walk.

Today, there is the Royal Marina where some of the most beautiful boats are docked and this is where you can admire the Santa Eulalia, built in 1918 and restored by the Barcelona’s Maritime Museum

Once in Columbus Monument you can take the Blue Shuttle to the Port or a taxi.

Those are some spots you can visit if you wish to remain close to the Port. Those will give you an idea of how the city is connected to the sea. As a matter of fact, the waterfront is very popular among the locals and during the summer there are plenty of activities there. Visiting the waterfront is like walking along Barcelona’s heart.

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