Are you planning a visit to Barcelona with children? Would you like to mix culture and fun? if yes this is the perfect post for you.

The sea, the sun, the excellent food and the museums make Barcelona an attractive city. In addition, the variety of its offer makes the city attractive to people of all ages. This is why Barcelona has become a great destination for family holidays .

Imagine yourself already in Barcelona, you have arrived to your hotel/apartment and you are ready to explore the city. Probably you have read guidebooks about the city, you have searched the restaurants and you have even took a tour with us. And all that, what for? To please everyone, including children, of course!

7 ideas to discover Barcelona with children

1. The Chocolate Museum + Hot chocolate tasting

The Museum will tell you the story of the arrival of cocoa in Europe and how it became popular back in the 17th century. Exhibitions windows and some films suitable for all ages will make you travel from America to Europe. In addition, you will see chocolate creations made by the beest pastry chefs of the city.

After the tour, I recommend a hot chocolate tasting.

If you wish to have a memorable experience with your kids visiting the Old Barcelona, a private tour with a guide ending with a hot chocolate is the perfect idea!

2. The Aquarium

35 tanks, 11,000 animals and 450 different species. But the most fun and astonishing is the Oceanoarium: you’ll be just inside a glass tunnel located below a huge water tank full of sharks and other species. It has a scary touch what is worth the visit!

3. CosmoCaixa

This is ideal for kids who love science. This is a museum but it allows children to participate. The CosmoCaixa is divided into different sections like the flooded forest which reproduces a forest of the Amazon or the Geological wall, literally unveiling the geological secrets of the earth.

There are dedicated areas the youngest in a specific way, like the “Bubble Planetarium” “Click and Flash” or “toca, toca” (toca = touch)

Barcelona with children

4. Plom Gallery

This is an art gallery for children to discover contemporary. Also, if you want to start an art collection where the whole family can give their opinion this is the perfect place, because the works exhibited are for sale.

5. The Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo is the oldest attractions park in Spain. This is the reason why it has a vintage spirit and every time locals like us go there, we feel like kids.
It works since 1905 and one of its iconic attractions is the airplane that gives you a panoramic tour of the breathtaking views fo the city.


6. Museu de Cera (Wax Sculpture Museum) + Bosc de les Fades (The Fairies’Forest)

It is located in a mansion built in 1874 that gives it a slightly mysterious air. During the visit you will walk into different theme rooms where you’ll find different characters, either real or fictional (I must say that some displays are a bit unusual). In addition, the bar, El Bosc de les Fades (The forest of fairies), is the perfect complement and a unique venue for a snack.

7. Museu Blau (The Blue Museum)

This Natural Science Museum has a special quality: a Board of Children. 16 children between 10 and 12 years who participate in the decisions of the Museum. Thanks to that, the Museu Blau has become a reference in the activities for children in Barcelona.

8. Pudding

Here you have an extra attraction if you are coming to Barcelona with children: Pudding, a space created for the childrens’ afternoon snack. You can enjoy a Capuchino while the children play with games, books and even iPads that have at their disposal.

We’ve been told quite often that our guides are great with kids! If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, we’ll be glad to show the city to your family. Just contact us and our grey cells will start to build a tailor-made experience in Barcelona.