The sun rises, the heat arrives, the days lengthen and the social life also. With the arrival of the good weather and the heat, you want to go out and drink a beer. But what is the most important: the place or the beer?

We will recommend some places to enjoy a good craft beer in different venues such as design garages, live music venues or simply where to drink a beer with a good tapa.

As we explained in a previous post, Barcelona and Catalonia are becoming producers of craft beer with very good results. That is why, together with volunteer friends, we have made a search for fantastic places with unique beers.
Here we leave you a selection in different areas of the city to discover the best local craft beers in Barcelona.

Ciutat Vella sip by sip

We will start our quest for the best Local Craft Beers in Barcelona in the most visited district of Barcelona and one of the most popular in Europe. However, it can still surprise us with unique places and beers with personality.

Caravelle is located in the Raval neighborhood and has some very interesting beers. It is managed by an Englishwoman and an Australian and could be defined as a gastropub. In fact, you can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for brunch. It is advisable to book, as it is small.

Chivuos is also located on Pintor Fortuny street, although there are others in Eixample and Gràcia. They work the concept of Slow Street Food with some spectacular sandwiches accompanied by local or international craft beer. If you want to go, do it in European time, so you will have a place.


The Grace of good beer

Our Local Craft Beers in Barcelona stroll leads to Gracia, a young, vibrant and trendy area.

La Cervecera Artesana is the first microbrewery in Barcelona, ​​where it has been since 1996.
Located in the district of Gracia, it has very original flavors such as mint, orange or mushroom beers!
They have more than 10 different craft beers and you can choose from 100 classes from around the world. Also, they have gluten-free beers for coeliacs.

La Rovira, located very close to the square that gives it its name, specifically in Rabassa street. It has 15 taps that change periodically and if you get stuck between so much offer, they will advise you according to your tastes and palate. Thy propose excellent food, as well as a cool the atmosphere.
You just have to worry about going in the best possible company.

Eixample: Broaden your brewing universe

In 1851, Barcelona grew up and it became 10 times bigger! The Eixample is a huge area with looooots to offer. In our research for the Local Craft Beers in Barcelona we’ve found some interesting spots.

Biercab is in the Eixample in Muntaner Streer, 55. It has 30 taps, all of them craft beer. We recommend not trying them all the first day! 🙂

Brewdog (Casanova, 69. crossing c / Consell de Cent)) bar located in the old left Eixample area.
It is a bar specialized in Scottish craft beer. They have 20 taps of which 10 are own beer and the other invited beers.
From Monday to Thursday they open in the evenings and Friday and weekend from 12.00.


Oma Bistró. Following by Consell de Cent we find this bar restaurant where they serve a high-quality brunch made with local products and all accompanied by craft beer.
What more could you want? The place is original and cozy and has a lot of light.
For all this we recommend booking.

La Més Petita Located in Diputación, 30. They have a total of eight taps, it is possibly the brewery with more pumps per square meter of the city.

As its name suggests it is a small and cozy place: that is its pro and con at the same time. They also propose beer to go.

Poblenou also joins the production of beer

La Cervecita in Poblenou, specifically in Lull, 184. They have 7 beer taps and they also offer KM0 beer. They also organize talks about the beer culture and can arrange beer pairings. An excellent sample of the best Local Craft Beers in Barcelona and the area has plenty of cultural and arty offers.

Sants and the holy beer

Homo Sibaris in the neighborhood of Sants, in the Plaça d’Osca. It is a cozy place where they offer a good variety of beers and high-quality cheeses. In addition, they organize courses and tastings. It has very good reputation among true lovers of craft beer.

At Bodega Montferry you will feel as if you have traveled back in time and gone back to your childhood, where you could still ask for a Mirinda. Currently managed by three partners, it retains the atmosphere and the charm of the old bars and wine shops in Barcelona. Excellent sandwiches, unforgettable tapas and local craft beers are their specialties.

Sant Antonio becomes a brewer

Sant Antoni is probably the trendiest quarter in Barcelona. Its market opened in May 2018 after a huge renovation and new venues to enjoy excellent food and interesting drinks pop up like mushrooms in fall. Mon Doré is one of them.
This is located in Floridablanca, 3 and you can taste craft beers and from all over the world. You can also taste good author cuisine especially in tapa format and finally try their gin and tonics.
Fantastic value per money.

Barcelona is a city in constant evolution, and I am sure that in a short time there will be many new breweries to discover. Beer is a whole world and we have become explorers. Cheers and long life to the Local Craft Beers in Barcelona !!! 

If you are a beer amateur, a wine lover and you think that food is an important part of any culture, here you have our Barcelona Food Tours. They are unique and private.