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A team with just three people but very big in professionalism and willing to show Barcelona to the visitors of this thrilling city.

It seems like yesterday when I founded the company and started to receive the first guest. Thanks to them and their recommendations either directly or though TripAdvisor, the number of people wishing to visit Barcelona with a private guide with the Barcelonina’s touch has increased.

And the reinforcements arrived with two excellent guides with which I share formations, experience and friendship.
They are Mercedes Castelló and Lluis Bayot.

The best part of working with them is the way we understand the role of a tour guide. We love to listen before proposing and to be flexible enough to adapt the tour to each person, couple or group.

Working together we are able to give to each group our full attention. This way we can create itineraries which will provide unique memories.

You’ll be carried away by their amazing knowledge of the city, their enthusiasm and their endless capacity of answering questions. I am proud of this team, our dream team where the three of us are Barcelonina. Let’s meet them:

MERCEDESMercedes Castelló:

“This is about creating new ways to discover Barcelona. I study a book, I look for medieval references and then you localize real remains. This way you have 10 or 15 spots to stop.” The routes are proposed to private groups, agencies and clubs “a happy customer comment is the best sales argument”. “All my itineraries have the unique touch of my Andalucian background.”


Lluis Bayot:Foto-presentació-Web-Barcelonina

“I love culture and tourism. In my professional life I’ve had the opportunity to create and make guided tours in Barcelona. Thanks to this city, I always have a good time while working. All its streets, alleys, parks, gardens, squares, beaches, hotels, factories, museums, sculptures, churches and monuments are full of history and surprises. Are you ready to discover them?


Anna36_1600And the one writting this post, Anna Juárez, guide and founder of Barcelonina:

“My grandmother often talked to me about Barcelona, she was 100% barcelonina (it means from Barcelona).  I grew up surrounded by stories related to the Ramblas, the Port, the Parallel Avenue, the markets, the Eixample…
I like showing  Barcelona to those who want to discover it with a Barcelonina, those wishing to visit it with someone who has lived here,  has gone, and has chosen come back.”

If you wish to discover Barcelona with a local guide, passionated about this city, who is fully licensed (his way you’ll skip the lines to the museums and attractions) and in love with this profession, Barcelonina is your option. In fact, Barcelonina is a big team.

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