Our tips to guarantee the fun for Christmas in Barcelona

1. Love the stall

Barcelona is a commercial city par excellence and there are more and more shops. From well-known chains and department stores to luxury shops. But at Christmas, Barcelona does not forget the Markets and Fairs.

Santa Lucia Fair in the Cathedral Square: typical enclave to buy figures for the Bethlehem, Christmas trees and mistletoe. A very similar Fair is located since the 60’s around the Sagrada Familia. The Feria de Reyes (Three Kings Fair) that floods with toys the Gran Vía, essential for those who know that the Kings are the parents with little time. The Shopping Centers successfully rivaled the offer for consumption but two stand out: the Corte Inglés of Plaza Catalunya and its windows and the one of La Farga de L’Hospitalet that for a couple of years has “inherited” the Bargelona, The ice skatting area of Barcelona at Christmas, which, it must be said, imitates the one from New York.

Gran Via Christmas fair in Barcelona

2. A trunk instead of a tree and a soup instead of a turkey

Catalan Christmas SoupThe soup of “carn d’olla” and “galets” can not miss at the table of the Catalan houses. If it is as plentiful as it has to be, the broth meat is already serving as a second course. No roasted, stuffed or shredded turkeys. This Christmas soup with champagne to cheer up and Turron from Agramunt to test the teeth of children and adults. That’s all we need!

If you spend your Christmas in Barcelona, you will be very surprivsed by trunk supported by four wooden legs. It is adorned with the traditional cap and the traditional Catalan costume, the barretina. This is the Tio who has to “shit” the gifts. This shocking tradition has recently recovered even if it does not manage to corner the modern natural or plastic spruce with its foam and balls.

Continuing with eschatology, did you know that the Catalan Crib needs the figurine of “caganer” to be complete? Traditionally it reproduced a shepherd relieving near the Portal of Bethlehem. Today it reproduces the most varied personages of the politics, the soccer or the Jet Set. EvenTrump and the Pope of Rome are there.

Tió Christmas in Barcelona
Caganer Christmas Barcelona

3. The historic site of the city is dressed as a Fiesta

Near the Gothic Quarter: special decoration and visits to the Born Center of Culture and Memory. Do not miss it if you celebrate your Christmas in Barcelona. Around the famous ruins of the 1700 and near Santa Maria del Mar it is highly recommended to stroll and taste the architecture, gastronomy and commerce of the neighborhoods of El Born and La Ribera. By the way, we will approach Plaça Sant Jaume to participate in one of the favorite activities for the citizen of Barcelona: to position, for or against, the Bethlehem exhibited in its center, between the buildings of the Generalitat and the Town Hall .

To finish: go to buy Turron at the Portal del Ángel and food for the Christmas meal to the markets of Santa Caterina or La Boqueria.

4. The Light of Sant Pau

On the main facade of the modernist building of Sant Pau will be projected during these festive dates a mapping of light and color to celebrate the winter’s solstice. Projections every 30 minutes from six-thirty in the afternoon to ten thirty in the evening. Magic guaranteed with allegories between architecture and music.

Take advantage of shopping in the various shops on Avenida Gaudí and have a drink, a tapa, an ice cream in the dozens of restaurants. If you want to find the one who writes with her hands in the dough, just pass by the Italian bakery Il Forno or one of the bakeries Puiggros.

Race of the Noses Christmas in Barcelona

5. The “Cursa dels Nassos”

The most fun and sporty way to say goodbye to the year is the Cursa dels Nassos (Race of the Noses). Solidarity and sport for the whole family in this friendly and affordable race on December 31 that starts at Selva de Mar street in the district of San Martí and ends at Pla de Palau.

They tell us that in this edition, the race will offer lights at kilometer 9 for everyone to reach the goal with light. There will also be a show with lasers and other parallel activities. This would be the Sporty touch of your Christmas in Barcelona.

6. Crazy about the swing

A little bit of music for your Christmas in Barcelona?

Shows and Christmas concerts are not missing in the city. Neither discotheques, dance halls and performance rooms. We emphasize the always magnificent programming of the Sala Jamboree of the Plaza Real and an initiative “original” as the name of the band. The Original Jazz Orchestra Workshop of Musicians of Barcelona stars in the most festive party of Christmas with a traditional repertoire of carols in the key of jazz.

This year Luz de Gas will be filled with the crazy dancers of the Swing Maniacs school. This initiative is born from the hand, or rather, the feet of Jana Grulichová and Jordi Mundet.

7. Farewell the Year in a Magic Fountain

The successful festivals of the past years at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc are turning this place into a stage as classic as the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to take the New Year’s Eve grapes and to welcome the new year. The yourger can go to the close Poble Espanyol to dance to welcome the new year. They have been organizing a party for the last 28 last new year’s eve and they do not feel like stopping.
Barcelonina’s team works during all the fiestivities. And we don’t feel like stoppin neither ! Take your glass and cheers !