Arriving to a new city in an unkown country having just few hours to visit it can be overwhelming. This is the reason why you need to have all the information beforehand, this way you can optimize your time. And this is what I intend to do, to help you to optimize your stay and Barcelona having the most of it. 
Travelling by cruise-ship is a great way to discover several cities in few days. In addition, you don’t have to pack and unpack everytime, which makes the trip really easy. But on the other side, each port is different, the distance to the city centre may vary as well as the ways to reach it. Here you have some ideas about How to reach the city of Barcelona.
Once your cruise-ship docks in Barcelona, you will realise that the city is very close. However, I do not advise to reach it by foot. The summer temperatures are high and the road is not very interesting. Here you have the options I propose to reach the city centre.

How to reach the city of Barcelona once your cruise-ship docks

Booking a transfer in advance

This is the premium way. A driver will be at the dock just wating for you and your party to drive you towards the city centre, your hotel (if you are staying some days in the city) or the airport in case you are flying home. You can book a car or a minivan to pick you up at the port and to leave you at your hotel. This should be done at least a week in advance in order to receive the booking confirmation before leaving.

If you wish, just contact us and we will take care of it.

how to get from the ship to the Barcelona's city centre

By Taxi

Once you leave the ship, you will find a funny rank of black and yellow cars. Those are the barcelonian taxis. The port has some staff to help the passengers to have a taxi, to give the right adress and to help with the luggage.


Taxis in Barcelona's city centre

If you are in Barcelona for one day, you can ask the taxi driver to leave you at columbus monument. The taxi ride costs about 10€. And to come back to the ship do not worry, there are plenty of taxis in Barcelona. Actually, in front of each major monument and attraction there is always a line of taxis as well as on the main streets. In addition, they drive around the city all day long, so as soon as you need a taxi, just wait for a green light to come and waive.

Do not forget, they are always black and yellow.

The Portbus from the port to the city center

Taking The PortBus

If you prefer, there is a public transport system to reach the city. Is called the Portbus. A blue shuttle will take you at your port terminal towards Columbus monument. There is one each 10 minutes. The price for the return ticket is less than 4€.

To go from the city to the Ship, the PortBus stop is in Portal de la Pau, just in front of Columbus monument.

I hope this information about how to reach the city of Barcelona once your cruise-ship docks is usefull. As a matter of fact, I would like to make your stop in Barcelona easy, relaxed and full of fantastic experiences. Welcome to this wonderful mediterraean city!