There is a sentence that all of us have heard when talking about eating in a foreign city: “You shouldn’t eat in that (imagine any tourist area) spot. There are just a bunch of restaurant for tourists (meaning not good and expensive).” I won’t say in Barcelona it doesn’t happen, but you will be amazed how easy to eat well in a touristic area is. The secret: just walk one to two blocks away. Here you have our selection of Restaurants close to Barcelona’s highlights.

Our favourites Restaurants close to Barcelona’s highlights

La Rambla

This is the most famous boulevard in Barcelona. It connects Catalonia Square with the seaside and probably this is the first street you’ll path in the city (this is the reason why we start here our list of Restaurants close to Barcelona’s highlights).

This is a colorful street where life never stops and where most of the restaurants offer huge beers and huge Sangrias (at a huge price as well !)
In spite of all I have mentioned, it is still possible to eat well in La Rambla because some classic restaurants have managed to survive and some new restaurants are trying to make La Rambla interesting again.

Amaya: this is the Classic Restaurant (yes, with capital letters). They opened in 1941 and since then they offer excellent traditional food. They propose Mediterranean food with an influence from the Basque country. Their Paellas are excellent as well as the wines. From some Tapas to a long and rich meal, everything is possible there.

Ultramarinos: this is one of the last restaurants opened in La Rambla. 800 m2 to find your happiness! You will be able to see the chef cooking from the counter or if you want to be more relaxed, just sit in one of their tables to enjoy your meal. The natural light coming from the skylights will make you feel like being on the square of a village.

Nuria: The oldest restaurant still open in La Rambla, located close to Catalonia Square. It was open in 1926 and it was the first bar in the city serving drought beer.

Since then it has been the meeting point of intellectuals, a great address to enjoy a snack and now they serve delicious meals to travelers.

Restaurant Nuria in La Rambla. Restaurants close to Barcelona’s highlights

The Gothic Area

The Gothic Area is the perfect mix between picturesque streets, quiet squares and corners full of charm. The Cathedral, the King Square and the Old jewish Area attract everyday a huge amount of tourists. At the same time, this area remains a living part of the city, and of course, is still possible to find nice and good restaurants:

La Cassola: family restaurant, homemade food served with love. All the topics are true. Their paella menu is more than a deal, is a gift. Besides, if you love fish, taste the cod. Delicous. (3, Saint Sever Street).

Restaurants in Barcelona. The Gothic Area

El Pintor: it is located in a 19th-century painter’s workshop and as a result the restaurant has an intimate atmosphere. It allows you to take a breath during your busy day in the city. They propose traditional local food, with a twist of modernity(7, Saint Honorat Street)

Neri: Let’s be fancy! Are you in Barcelona for a celebration? Are you a gourmet? This is your adress. The restaurant is located in the Hotel Neri and they propose a set menu for lunch. They propose modern cuisine with local products.

Restaurant Gothic area in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited attractions in Spain. Last year (2016) about 4,5 million of people bought a ticket to visit it. As a result, this is one of the busiest areas during the day. In addition, restaurants have proliferated around it and as you might imagine, they are not good. On the other hand, just walking less than a block away, some hidden gems will be waiting for you. Here you have two of them:

Good Restaurants Close to Sagrada Familia

Singular: Once you walk into the restaurant, you will have the feeling you are in a kitchen. A trendy one. The team is really welcoming and the food is more than excellent. The salads are just wonderful (they have a vegetable field out of the city) and their modern tapas are something not to miss. Take your time and enjoy. (321, Sardenya Street)

Last but not least in our selection of Restaurants close to Barcelona’s highlights:

Sagrades Tanines: this is what a Bodega should look like today. A great wine selection, an art exhibition, good music and excellent food (their selection of ham, delicatessen, cheese and croquettes is amazing). Just bring your good company and enjoy! (20, Passatge Simó)

After all this information, I am sure your meals in Barcelona will be as exciting as all the sightseeing. Cheers to that!