Joan Miró (II). From Barcelona to Paris

And here we have the second part of Joan Miró’s life. The last post about him, he had finished his college and found his first job. His intention was to work during the day et to improve his technique during the afternoon but there was something unexpected: his schedule: he had to work from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Avec this timetable, what else can you do?

Two years later, he gets sick. He catches some fever and to recover, the doctor advises him to spend sometime in the countryside. His parents had recently bought a house in Montroig del Camp so he moved for a while. This is going to be the starting point of his new life. Once back in Barcelona, Miró announces to his parents he is going to become a painter. And this time, his family supports him.

Joan Miró becomes a painter

The artist to be starts to study in Mr.Galli’s school, who notices that Miró had some trouble to paint the reality. He tries the following: first, Miró has to stare to an object and then, he has to close his eyes and touch it. After seeing and touching it, Miró was able to draw it. The artist named it: « the memory of my hands »

Joan Miró started to produce his work under the avant-gardes influence and he managed to have solo exhibition in the Dalamau Gallery, one of the most famous in Barcelona. But Barcelona wasn’t on the same wave length and he didn’t sell anything. Miró, depressed, had the same reflex than most Catalan artists: travel to Paris.

Miró in Paris

Did you know that Joan Miró’s mother was a friend of Ms.Picasso and their friendship was twenty years old?

When Miró’s mother knows that her son was leaving for Paris, she goes to see Ms.Picasso in order to tell her and to ask her to take anything to Pablo. Ms.Picasso gave a cake to Joan Miró avec Pablo’s Picasso address.

Once in Paris, Miró goes to visit his neighbour. He rings and when the genie opens the door, he says: « Hello, my name is Joan Miró, I am form Barcelona and your mother sends you this cake » It was in 1920 and their friendship lasted until 1973.

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