Things to do in Barcelona for the new year’s eve

There are many things to do in Barcelona for the new year’s eve and if it happens that you are here then, be ready to start 2018 on a good foot.

First of all, do not forget to visit the must see of the city during the morning. This is a nice occasion before ending the year to discover the attractions which are in everybody’s lips, like Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell or a nice stroll through the Gothic quarter.

The Noses’ Race

Afterwards, it’s lunch time! But beware, best keep a low profile lunch, maybe some light tapas just to be able to keep up and running until your big party dinner.

Even though you haven’t eaten too much, a little nap it’s in order, considering you are going to be up late at night. But then, wake up to go to a run race ! At 17h30, there are 10km to run through town in the traditional « cursa dels nassos », which means nose’s race.

There is a story in Catalonia that we explain to children about the nose’s man. He is a man that has as many noses as days are left to end the year ! From this story takes the name this running race which takes place every year before the new year’s eve dinner.

If you are fit enough and you want more information, here it is the link :

The last sunset of the year

However, for those who do not like to run, I advise you to go see the last sunset of the year, at 17:30 too.

In Barcelona, ​​the sea is to the east, so if you think that you will see the sun sinking into the sea, as in the movies, I’m sorry to disappoint you! It will be a sunset behind the Tibidado!

Le dernier couchée de soleil de l’année

Here are some places where you can go to behold the sunset: The “Mirador del Migdia” at the top of Montjuic, where besides a nice view, you will find a nice place to have a beer, “caseta del migdia”, a place the more and more popular among Barcelonians.

On the other hand, you have the hotel terraces, such as the Barceló Raval or the terrace of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) with spectacular views.

Another option, a bit far away from the city centre, is to climb to the “Turó de la Rovira” where you will see all Barcelona and the surrounding area with impressive views.

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona: The twelve grapes of good luck

Continuing this last perfect day of the year in Barcelona, you should not forget to book a good restaurant. The choice is huge in Barcelona, you will find something for everyone: traditional or modern cuisine, exotic or classic; lots of restaurants offer us the best to enjoy the last feast of the year.

At midnight, it will be time to start the new year eating twelve grapes of good luck, our tradition is to eat one for each bell chime at midnight. This Catalan tradition will allow you to fulfill all your wishes for the forthcoming year.

Where can you eat the grapes? In the Maria Cristina avenue, the city council does the biggest end of the year’s party with the fountains of Montjuic and the National Palace as backgrounds.

From 9:30 pm there will be the viewing of previous year’s party videos in preparation for the midnight show, with fireworks, the fountain’s show and of course, the grapes!

I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful year 2018.