Gaudí, Picasso and Miró in Barcelona

A Half Day (4 hours) walking tour including a stroll around the Old Barcelona and visit to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

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What will I see in this tour?

⇒You will walk around the Old Barcelona learning about its history while following the footprints of Picasso, Gaudi and MIró.

⇒The Cathedral, the Ramblas and the Royal Square are some of the highlights of this tour.

⇒This tour ends with a guided tour of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

A singular and unique tour in Barcelona!

How long does it take? Is this a walking tour?

This tour lasts about 4 hours. This is a walking tour and depending on your hotel’s location we will take the subway towards the Old City (the subway is very safe an clean!)

Where is the meeting point?

The guide will meet you at your hotel’s (or appartment) lobby. If you prefer we can arrange a meeting point in an easy location.

If you are taking this tour as a Shore Excursion, the guide will be waiting for you just outside the ship. at the pier. In addition, the guide will have a sign with your name on it. You will reach the city center by taxi.

Should I buy the tickets to avoid the line?

No, you shouldn’t. The Fully Licensed guides are like Rock Stars, we can take the fast track entrance. Once we arrive to the Picasso Museum, you will skip de line thanks to our guide’s badge.

Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Did you know that Miro’s and Picasso’s mothers where already friends twenty years before the meeting of the two artists in Paris ?

Did you know that Gaudi took drawing classes and in the same group there was a young…Joan Miró ?

Little stories about great artists will walk with you in your visit to the arty side of the city.

I propose you to visit Barcelona in a unique way : following the footprints of Antoni Gaudi, Pablo R. Picasso and Joan Miró. Their lives will take yo from the Pla de Palau to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona passing by the Cathedral, the Old Jewish area and La Rambla.

We will end with a guided tour of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and thanks to our guide’s badge you will take the fast track entrance.

We propose only private tours. Those are exclusive, unique and tailor made. You won’t be sharing your Barcelona tour guide.

As soon as you hire one of our tours, you will have all the knowledge and savoir faire of our Back Office at your disposal.

This is lead by Jordi, and he will be glad to give advice about the city. Do not hesitate to use it!
We propose only private tours.

Those are exclusive, unique and tailor made. You won’t be sharing your Barcelona tour guide.

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  • Our private tours are for small groups from one to six people. If your group is larger than that, please let us know via the "message" field.


«Our tour, just the two of us, my wife and I, was one of our real highlights from Barcelona. Anna, has a wealth of knowledge, she is personable and charming, and we would heartily recommend a tour with her to everyone who loves culture, art, history, architecture and the life of this great city.»

Tim S. (Australia)

«Anna was great. We toured with 2 adults and a 13 year old. She answered every question, gave a great overview and knew everything about the cathedral. Her english is excellent and she made learning fun. I would highly recommend to everyone for her vast knowledge of Barcelona and the cathedral.»

Justin (Florida)

«My husband and I spent all day with Anna of Barcelonina touring the Sagrada Familia and all the interesting parts of Barcelona. She was charming and spoke great English. Her vast knowledge really made the city come alive. She did an incredible job taking us through the Sagarada Familia. She also gave us great recommendations for the rest of our stay, such as the recently opened Bellesguard house--another Gaudi masterpiece.»


Laura (Florida)