It is the Month of August. Barcelona, a Mediterranean city. This means that it is hot and the humidity is hight. If you come to Barcelona, do not forget to carry water. In addition, when you stop for lunch on just to have some tapas, do not forget to order gazpacho. The Gazpacho’s Recipe an original recipe of Andalusia, delicious. In other words, in Barcelona, we have absolutely adopted it.

If you dare to pursue the subject, ask two different people about the Gazpacho’s recipe. The first thing you will notice is that they are different. In addition, each of them presumed to be the authentic. And none of them is lying. The natural Gazpacho does not come out twice in the same way, although it is done by the same person and with the same amounts of each ingredient. In the same way that you will not find two equal tomatoes or two equal peppers .

Nowadays you can buy a decent gazpacho in a supermarket. In addition, one saves enough time. But nothing equals the homemade recipe and preparing a good Gazpacho is easy. Accessible to everyone, even those who do not know to do a fried egg.

The Gazpacho's Recipe

Did you know that the Gazpacho originally was not done with tomato? This is an original recipe of Al-Andalus, from the eighth century. It consisted of tweaked bread crumbs, oil, salt and vinegar. Later will come the ingredients of the New World (Tomato and Pepper) to give it the actual appearance and the actual taste.

Ready? Here comes the Gazpacho’s recipe

And now I will share a family secret. Our Gazpacho.
1kg Tomato

One medium onion

One clove of garlic

1 Green Pepper

1 Cucumber

One tablespoon of salt

15 cl of olive oil

A teaspoon of pepper

5 cl vinegar

1/2 liter of cold water


There are two ways to prepare the Gazpacho’s recipe, depending on the rush, the heat and the desire to work.

The longer version: to start, the tomatoes are blanched to remove the skin, crushed and passed through the conical strainer.

Then we will remove the core of the garlic and the green pepper’s seeds.

The third step is to peel the cucumber, add water and mix everything with the blender.

We will finish adding olive oil, salt, pepper and vinegar.

Gazpacho is more enjoyable after a few hours in the refrigerator. The flavors perfectly mixed and it is also cooler.
The shorter version: exactly as above but without blanching tomatoes, crushing them and passing them through the conical strainer.

The Gazpacho's Recipe

How do we serve it? I personally love et with carrot, cucumber and pepper cut rather small and with croutons. Maybe you feel a little trendy and you want to add some little pieces of ham, go ahead! All proposals are welcome.