Barcelona goes green

Urban gardens, green roofs that absorb pollution or lush hotel terraces dye the city to chlorophyll, healthy green. Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona are in luck because since March 2016, Barcelona has been declared a city veg friendly, to continue this healthy will, this time within us.
It may seem the result of a fad or a trend but the city has always been characterized by being at the forefront of many things, including gastronomy. There have always been vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. In fact, since the 70s, the vegetarian cuisine is an option when we decided to eat out. Barcelona has gone a step beyond being the first city in the world to declare veg friendly.
This decision means that the city will promote and give information on vegan and vegetarian options. In addition, it creates BCN Veg Point to promote local small and medium business, as well as the ecological, vegan and vegetarian products. To complement this, a veggie guide for locals and tourists will be published, as well as its corresponding application for Mobil.

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

This initiative also pretend to put Barcelona on the tourist map of the favorite cities of vegans and vegetarians. In addition, most vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona and much of the companies involved are small and local. In short, a win-win.

In recent years, the city has lived a boom of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. In fact, become veg friendly city is only a logical step in this dynamic city.

We have tried some of these restaurants, and here’s a list of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

Not exactly a ranking, it is rather an enumeration. Everyone deserves to be on our list. All worth visiting.

1.Teresa Carles

In 1979, she opened the restaurant Paradis in Lleida, which will become a reference healthy cuisine in our country. The chef, Teresa Carles, has been over three decades researching and innovating in vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic food … etc. In 2003 he wrote “Heaven’s Kitchen. Vegetarian Recipes “. In 2011 with her children they opened Teresa Carles in Barcelona. It is now a reference among vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.
Carrer Jovellanos, 2

2. Bio Center

Opened in 1980 to divulge the vegetarian, integral and organic food. It is a mixture of self service and restaurant. The food is homemade and an excellent value for money. Their desserts are delicious. They propose vegan food once a week, nowadays is Tuesday. It is a classic among vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.
Pintor Fortuny, 25

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona
Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona


It opened its doors in 1990, with the aim to spread a healthy, ecological and proximity kitchen products. This is a very popular restaurant among the vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona and if you plan to visit, I recommend you go early. You will be ashtonished by the comfort and friendliness. They propose an excellent menu of the day more than generous and if you prefer to visit for dinner, their suggestions are just delicious.
Pintor Fortuny, 32

4. Raso Terra

Vegetarian + slow food with own garden = an excellent restaurant that attracts more than one carnivore. It proposes a full of colors and tasty vegetarian cuisine. Their lunch menu is excellent value for money. For dinner, the only problem will be choose which dishes to try!
Carrer Palau 5

5. Arc Iris

The Dean of vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. It opened in 1969 and remains true to its style: homemade cuisine cooked with love. Its striking light, its classic touch and its friendly staff will catch your attention. They are more than friendly. You will be welcomed as if they know you since forerver.

Their menu is excellent, home cooked (the stomach will thank you). Also, very close to the Sagrada Familia.
Roger de Flor, 216

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona
Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona