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obras de construcion del metroBarcelona underground I: the 90th aniversary of the first subway line

Everything started during the happy 20’s. There were two companies who decided to build a public transportation in Barcelona. It had to be big, quick and not expensive, in order to overtake the old tramway. This companies were the Sociedad Ferrocarril Metropolitano and Sociedad Gran Metropolitatno. The first one tried to connect the areas of Sants and Sant Martí (the south and the north of the city) and the second one the Colon Boulevard and the Gracia area (the east and the west of the city). The constructions started in 1921 and in 1934 just before the Civil War other branches like the one in Aragón Street or Via Laietana.

During this last 90 years, 100 kilometers of railways have been built as well as 141 stations. About one million people use it daily and we cannot imagine a city without subway. Actually, it connects Barcelona with other cities like Santa Coloma, Hospitaler or Badalona. Since the construction of the first lines, with their heavy ironed coaches, to tSubway in Barcelona El metro de Barcelona Le métro à Barcelone more modern, the ones without driver, we have many reasons to celebrate nine decades of underground trips.

Last year, 2014, many activities were made to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the subway like the Discovery Underground Barcelona. A running race of 10 km organized by Discovery Max. Concerts, exhibitions, cinema, contests…Barcelona and its subway have been really connected. Actually, this is one of the services which has been evaluated in a positive way by the citizens.

90 years might have generated thousands of histories and anecdotes. Only the elderly ones can recall how the stations were used as a refuge during the Civil Was. There are 12 ghost stations like Gaudi, nearby Sagrada Familia or the Post Station, in Via Laietana.

Nowadays, the subway is still evolving. The facilities are being improved, new shops and bars are opening in the hallways and an important station is being built in Sagrera, to connect the city and the airport.

And the human stories are an important part of this subway as well. Here you have a little bit of music with Ramón Julibert, an opera singer who used to perform on the platforms of Passeig de Gracia Station. “L’home del metro” (The man of the subway) is an interesting documentary about his life, directed by Joan Vall Karsunke.