We live in a strange time for photography. On the one hand, professional photographers and their work are valued appearing in the pages of the most prestigious magazines and exhibition halls of the world. On the other hand, technology allows both  a wonderful experience with digital photos as well as the return to origin working  the pioneers did with wonderful results. Fashion photography or travel are living a golden age. But at the same time, the proliferation of compact cameras and the cell’s revolution with built-in camera have contributed to trivialize the photographic act to unexpected limits.

The traveler is one of the main types of amateur photographers. In his desire to perpetuate the memory of his trip will shoot in all directions to capture the best moments of his visit.

Taking good pictures in Barcelona


Taking good pictures in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very photogenic city and its history is closely linked to the art of capturing the ephemeral. Let’s go back to the late nineteenth century, early twentieth century, to discover two important photo-studios similars to the ones in Paris and other cities around the world after the invention of photography.

One was the Napoleon Studio, founded by Antonio Fernández Soriano, Anaïs Tiffon and Emilio Fernández Tiffon. Located at Ferran street first and then the Rambla de Santa Monica, numbers 15 and 17, where was the famous Columbus Fronton later. The new study was launched on July 3, 1893, with great display of media propaganda as evidenced by the existence of a cartel run by Alexandre de Riquer.
Photographer Pau Audouard, opened in 1905, the other fashion studio occupying the mezzanine floor of the House Lleó Morera, Paseo de Gracia, number 35, corner with Consell de Cent. Also this was very important opening and occupied the pages of the press.


Taking good pictures in BarcelonaThe buildings housing this new activity were also singular for its novelty and architectural importance. So far the profession was itinerant ans some photographers opened their studies in home gardens or on the roofs where they build spaces with glass walls to take advantage of the light.
Today, photography has a main role in the city cultural life with the Arxiu Fotogràfic of Barcelona, the bookstore specializing in photography Kowasa in Mallorca street, shops like Camara Lucida in Gran de Gracia or Arpi in the Rambla de Catalunya ( over 65 years old) , and the Galleries Hartmann, Colectania or Tagomago among others.

Barcelona and the art of taking a good picture (today)

http://www.senorarcher.com/en/To finish our journey today we want to talk about a new studio (opened in October 2014) and represents for us the maximum in photo originality. Señor Archer, located in the neighborhood of Raval and directed by photographer Alberto Gamazo is, as explained on its website, a study of chemical photography featuring portrait sessions using the technique of wet collodion, “a pioneer in the development of photography in its origins in the mid-nineteenth century. Halfway between photography and alchemy, this process recovers the values of photography handmade away automation and bitmaps, with patience and judgment. “Why do not you come to discover the slow photographi taking a portrait?